I did it my way

My motion to decide to further myself as an artist happened after my father had passed; He, the well known Photographer Will McBride, to me, was a monolith. After his cremation Will dispersed in front of my eyes like they do in Si-Fi movies. Millions of shattered pieces drifting off into the universe. He had appreciated my "eye" but we both never made photography the center of our discussions. Even though we lived in the same city our views on life were miles apart. We never connected and so in the end, he did it his way and I'm doing it mine.


Too many of us, freedom is self-evident. But is it? In a time of rapid technological advancement, independence and freedom might be one of many aspects that we as humans will loose along this progression. Nakedness was considered the ultimate vulnerability. Today it is a smartphone that reveals far more of the individual than a human with no clothes. I am all for advancement and also for the protection of an intransigent human right. The right to be free. "Exploring the idea of freedom" is the mindset behind my photos, inviting the viewer to provoke their thoughts in daily engagement about what it means to them to be free, in a seemingly unfree world."