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Exhibit 2018 MUNICH

Looking at my work, I can see a pattern which spells F R E E D O M. Freedom of being free of whatever plagued me that day. The photos are documenting not a path but rather expressing a particular feeling that moment I pushed the trigger of my camera. These past 15 years coincided with the development of computers and smartphones giving humans a window to worlds unknown. Of course, the world is filled with wonders, but more and more voyeurs focus on the freedoms taken. Countries unfold where dictators capitate personal liberties of religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and many more, creating sorrow, anger, hate, and fear. I wish that people see the freedom that I see in my many explorations and travels. The freedom that lies in nature and how comfortable in comparison to our reality it is to follow the unprecedented freedom it offers. Why „Exploring the idea of freedom?“ Our society is so entangled in stress and endless counts of bad news. It has become hard to focus only on one good thing. I want to inspire people to explore their versions of peace and freedom; Untangle themselves. Contemplating one's personal freedom is a good place to start.